Karin Plagemann (Brief)


Dear Dear ladies and gentlemen,

my name is Dr. Karin Plagemann, I was born in 1944 in Tilsit when it still was german. That is why I feel a strong connection to the city of Sovetsk today. My family had been living there for more than 200 years. All my work life I had been working with handicapped children, so I turned to an expert for work with handicapped children. When I came to Sovetsk-Tilsit for the first time after our flight in 2003, I noticed how people live here. There was no possibility for the handicapped children of the town to leave their homes or to have company with other children. They received two lessons a week at home by a teacher. There were no wheelchairs for the children. So I urgently wanted to do something for the children. The parents of these children have incredible problems to manage every day life with their children. Nobody with healthy children can imagine these difficulties. Here in Germany I found partners for founding an institution in Sovetsk in which the children can go to a day care. These partners were the organizations "Aktion Mensch" and "Bruecke Rendsburg-Eckernfoerde". With their help it became possible to found a kindergarden for handicapped children in Sovetsk. "Aktion Mensch" payed for the staff for 4 years, the city of Sovetsk gave the rooms for free. In the beginning, the city hat promised to pay also for the staff after these 4 years. But when the 4 years were over, they did not wand to pay for the staff any more. These 4 years were over on September 1st, 2012. Since then, I try to collect donations from everywhere. But it will only last until May 15th, eventually until the middle of June 2013. It can unfortunately happen to every healthy person to become handicapped for example by an accident or to get a handicapped child. Every person who is saved from such a fate, ought to be happy and grateful. If your company could help to keep the kindergarden for handicapped children, the children and their parents, but also the city of Sovetsk and last not least my person would be very grateful to you. With best wishes

Dr. Karin Plagemann